Success Summit FAQ’s

Q: How Can I register?


Q: I registered at an event but haven’t seen a ticket, what should I do?

Multiple emails have gone out to registered attendees so if you haven’t seen anything from One Team Global or Eventbrite this means your order wasn’t completed or we have your wrong email address.  Please email support@oneteamglobal.com we’ll confirm your order.

Q: I have an unused ticket from the last Success Summit; will this get me into the next Success Summit?

NO. There are no ticket exchanges from any prior events.  You must have a current Success Summit ticket to participate.

Q: How can I make sure I will be recognized appropriately and assigned the correct seating?

We MUST have your Distributor ID number in order for you to be recognized. Without this information we do not have the ability to recognize you properly or put you in the correct seating.

Q: How do I update my Distributor ID and pin title information?

You can do one of two things;

  • Log –in to eventbrite using the email address you used when purchasing your tickets. 
  • Select the tab “My Tickets”
  • Update the attendee information

If you can’t login you can email support@oneteamglobal.com

Q: What if I sell a ticket to someone?

Follow the same steps above for updating your ticket.  Put the new name on the ticket and fill in their email address.  They will be emailed their ticket.

Q: How will I know if I qualified for an on-stage recognition for a new title reached?

Our One Team Global staff will be contacting you as soon as we have updated information from all attendees.  You will then be given instructions on how to participate in the recognition.

*** Please note that we will be cutting off recognition titles on March 27th at Midnight MT.  If you broke a new level at this time you will need your account manager to email us a confirmation of your new title.  This will help in making sure all your hard work is properly recognized. ***

Q: How do I register to attend the Leadership Sessions?

You can register to attend the Leadership sessions you qualify for by going to SuccessSummit.us and clicking on the Leadership Session link.  You will then get a separate ticket for these events.  If you qualify for the 25+/25k session by default you qualify for the 10+ and 5+.  Same goes for the 10+/10K you may also attend the 5+/5K sessions.  You will only need the one ticket for the highest reached level.